Every donation helps end suffering.

Being made fun of hurts. Being hungry hurts. Being different hurts. For thousands of kids in Missouri, the pain of poverty is overwhelming. By funding emergency hunger, health, and hygiene relief, your donation helps alleviate the suffering that occurs when basic needs go unmet. And because no salaries or administrative costs are paid from donor contributions, your entire donation will be used to cover student needs.

Donate online now!

At the Community Foundation of the Ozarks donation site, be sure to select “Care to Learn” in the Program Designation field.
The Care to Learn Endowment Fund supports the headquarters in Springfield. You may also designate your gift to other chapter funds.

Donate by mail, send your check to

Care to Learn
411 N. Sherman Parkway
Springfield, MO 65802

For thousands of kids in the Ozarks, education is an afterthought to survival. Skip two meals. Walk to school without a coat. And now, solve for x. It’s hard enough remembering the preamble on a full stomach. When hunger and hygiene rob a child of dignity, learning isn’t a priority.

Thank you @Walmart and to all our @officialSPS Heroes!Thank you for helping our kids be successful!#CTLShopwithahero https://t.co/qCx6MpY0TN